Welcome To Our Re-Launch

The HLT Network 1 Year on.

The HLT Network was originally planned to support the core functions of Hatton Li Traders. Whilst it still does performs this function, the HLT Network will now become a Technology company in its own right and will no longer be subsidised by the main trading business.

New Trading App.

With a new identity and increased staff, the HLT Network has been repurposed into two main business projects. The HLT Network has been working on a new trading application. Whilst still in its early days of development, we are confident that our trading app will change the retail trading industry forever. Our app is aimed at the retail market but, will also have professional tools also. Over the coming months we will release more information about this exciting new product and what it means for the industry. 

IT Outsourcing.

The 2nd project will be to outsource IT technology. Linking up with the best partners the industry has to offer, the HLT Network will offer our consultancy services across a wide range or products and diverse sectors. Our project management experience will also be on offer as we aim to provide the UK tech industry access to the very best IT solutions the world has to offer. 

Product Testing.

We also consider ourselves experts in product testing landscape here in the UK as we have produced over 2500 product evaluations for amazon via the voice of vine membership products are shipped to us directly before new products go on sale.
in 2022, The HLT Network entered into its first informal partnership with the Chinese company Rudis. The nature of this partnership is to evaluate tech products for Chinese production companies. Our role is to test out UK Market suitability as well as report on any products flaws. 




2600 +

Products tested. 




Project management Experience


Trading App

The HLT Network will change the industry with a fin-tech app aimed at the Forex market. 
The HLT Network app "Streets" will be the first fully integrated app aimed at both retail and professional traders. 
The HLT Network brings a genuine sense of integrity to the fin-tech industry, a market that has been lacking it for too long.

IT Outsourcing

The HLT Network LTD is excited to announce an exciting partnership

Product Testing

The HLT Network Ltd produces product testing videos for 

NFT - Digital Creators

The HLT Network Ltd
Will provide NFT creations for the RISE-CVF Ltd charity.

We will also offer digital creations and video editing and branding. 


Telephone: +441706810742

E-mail: gareth.hatton@hltnetwork.co.uk

Address: Floats Mill, Trawden, Lancashire. BB88TJ

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Technology has always been a passion of our founder and CEO Gareth Hatton, we provide a number of career highlights and hobbyist projects.

Early Years

We asked Gareth about his interest in tech and when it started.

"I was at the tender age of 9 10 years old, my mother bought me a second hand Acord electron, this is when I wrote my first piece of computer code.
Using my Acorn Electron and the LISP programming language, I wrote out my first computing code. 

It felt like hours copying the code from my Acorn electron coding book and typing it onto my computer and black and white TV screen, I reached the end and hit the magic "RUN" command and the computer magically turned my hours of coding into a robot image." 

Custom PC's

Football dominated Gareth's teenage years, amongst other things. Eventually our CEO found his way back to tech. 

"Console games were always good fun, but as Championship Football Manager was only available on PC, it was time to get back into PC computers.

In my early 20s I upgraded my first PC, replacing memory, adding a new hard drive. Soon, it was time to build my own computer.

After finding a component retailer, I built my first PC, researching to ensure all parts were compatible, I then complimented this knowledge by completing the hardware section of the A+ computing exam. 

I would then build custom computers for family friends, and even work colleagues. Seems my secret was out.

But the best project I undertook was the creation of an actual server. We then used as an FTP server and later a webserver, until it was overtaken by SSD drives etc." 



Gareth started a computing degree and went to night school to learn visual basic programming. 

"I was then employed by the VOA an executive agency or HMRC. As an admin assistant. 

It wasn't long until I was noticed for my exceptional computing skills, which set me apart from my colleagues. 

My first major project was to implement property valuations using AutoCAD to measure plans for property valuations. The success of the project was such, that we were given an A0 printer and an AO scanner and my project went national.  

I was promoted 3 times in my first 4 years as a civil servant and I was then promoted again into my current role where I manage a business critical system, technology, servers, as well as project managing various integrated applications, and feature releases to name but a few.



Unable to go into too much detail on the applications he manages as a civil servant. We asked Gareth, about his involvement in Crypto and Fin-Tech.

"As I became the senior analyst for a bespoke application I was handling large data requests. Building and modelling various data types became an essential part of the job. 

At that time we only had Excel and Visual Basic available to us, but I was able to create the agency's first Macro driven data performance dashboard. 

I was then soon involved in a number of data and analytical projects looking at various different data streams including financial data.

To help me understand data outside of government, I started a diploma in stock market economics and loved it.

This was the precipice that opened a lot of opportunities hence the HLT Network Ltd.

I was also extremely proud to be involved with the call for evidence where DAO's were under the microscope, my involvement with my charity helping people who have lost money to investment scams gives me a unique perspective that I was able to contribute to the discussion.

I have also contributed to improving CIPD qualifications that grant diplomas in compliance and fraud investigations. "